»The Right to Brand«
Lessons from an emerging market

Editor-in-chief, Kuala Lumpur

»The Right to Brand« is a first-hand account written by Yasmin Merican an Asian business professional in an emerging market on the subject of brand building, competency development and solutions. The book proposes that established best practices in brand management, which have contributed to the competitiveness of the more mature brands, are not as effective within emerging market organizations, where brand orientation and commitment may not be as deep or as strategic.


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Developing this weighty 768-page black tome for a prominent and highly experienced brand veteran across two continents and cultures, turned out to be a complex and challenging task, while working with a vast amount of diverse content. Taking on the role as Editor-in-chief, guiding and leading every process along the way from research, content development, design creation, production, distribution, shipping and communication.


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The entire project took more than two years to complete, and has since received positive reviews and features from brand experts and graphic designers alike. The publication was ultimately honored with the »Deutscher Designer Club Award«, received a nomination for the »Design made in Germany Award«, and was a finalist at the »European Design Award 2014«.

»The Right to Brand« is ahead of its time.
Wally Olins – Chairman, Saffron

The book will definitely make it into our agency's library. And by the way – it is beautifully designed, too.
Robert A. Schäfer – Creative Director, MetaDesign

The book is available online at Amazon and across all major bookstores in Malaysia. In addition, instant purchases can be made in Germany at Doyoureadme?! and Pro-qm Thematische Buchhandlung, both stores are located in Berlin.

»The Right to Brand«
Levelling the brand playing field:
Lessons from an emerging market
by Yasmin Merican

Hardcover: 768 pages
Language: English
Details: Full-color content
Publisher: Trax Publishing
ISBN: 978-967-11661-0-9

»The Right to Brand« will be on display at Frankfurt Book Fair 2015, as part of this years showcase of »50 Best Malaysian Titles for International Rights«. Swing by, say hello, and grab a copy at Hall 4.0/A74, between Oct. 14th–18th.


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Daniel Neye

Pat Fama
Anita Matthews

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Marvin Klee

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The Right to Brand

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