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Sleek Magazine is a bilingual art and fashion magazine from Berlin. The task in 2006 was to dramatically extend its web presence into a standalone platform while complimenting the print version of the magazine. To enhance the overall experience and access of each issue, a fully digital magazine preview was developed. Accompanied by an online store to purchase back issues and other related items, and an extensive video art archive.







Sleek Magazine Website 2006–2009

The website quickly became its own entity resulting in a drastic increase of readership and subscriptions across the globe, and extended distribution to more than 35 countries. In 2009 the publication was sold to BBE Group, and is currently designed and lead by Editor-in-chief Mario Lombardo and his team. Since then the website has changed and is no longer available in its displayed form above.

It all begins with the fact that Finckh & Neye are widely known as divas. But a short and passionate affair with the two guys and their friends might still just pay off.
Sleek Magazine #14, Solid | Liquid


Daniel Neye & Hans Finckh, Sleek Magazine #15, Before | After


Hans Finckh
Daniel Neye

Hans Finckh

Additional Programming
Marcel »Emisz« Wessling

Feature Photography
Christoph Voy

Mimi Merican Design
Sleek Magazine

Daniel Neye