Neue Gestaltung
Corporate Brand Review

Brand analysis, research and recommendations, Berlin

Tasked with a brand review for Neue Gestaltung GmbH, a well versed German design firm,[1] the result was an analysis and evaluation of critical brand assets and business communication. In addition recommendations were developed to deepen brand thinking and communication as a strategic advantage. The publication is written in English & German.

[1] ↗ CD/CI Ranking 2018 PDF, Page Magazine, March 2018

In a competitive market of similar products and offerings, as well as highly critical clients being presented with a large variety of choices, agencies have to become more than creative service providers. They ultimately have to become brands on their own, representing values and qualities for which the consumer believes there’s no substitute. The publication explores Neue Gestaltung based on its core principle of »clear visual communication«, and the ripple effect it creates across the entire organisation, projects, company culture, and ultimately long-term value creation.

Neue Gestaltung — core value


Neue Gestaltung — mission statement

A well researched and comprehensive document. It’s a valuable asset which will shape our future roadmap.
Pit Stenkhoff — Founder & CEO


Daniel Neye

Susann Massute

Central Station, Berlin

Neue Gestaltung

Daniel Neye