Mimi Merican Design

in collaboration with Lisa Krack, Berlin – Kuala Lumpur

Corporate design and imagery development for Mimi Merican Design, a boutique interior stylist and decorator in collaboration with Berlin based typographer Lisa Krack.

The stationery design is based on the conviction that the core demand of interior design is to define space, while remaining highly functional and light. The stationery items are accompanied by a set of office forms and rubber stamps.




Mimi Merican website

To balance the correlation of a well defined graphical framework with Merican’s diverse interpretation of space, a complimentary set of project imagery was developed to bolster the overall studio communication and public appearance.


Project Lead
& Brand Development
Daniel Neye

Lisa Krack

Ade Syah Lubis

Additional Photography
M8 Studio

Mimi Merican Design

Daniel Neye